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Worried About Organics

Well, many thanks go out to Professor Phil Howard of Michigan State University for this one.

Which big company owns your favorite Organic brands? I was startled myself.

Here’s a summary list of the larger players and their well-known brands that I’ve taken the time to put in alphabetical order:

Alexia Foods ConAgra
Alta Dena Dean (Horizon Dairy)
Arrowhead Mills Heinz
Back to Nature Kraft
Bear Naked Kellogg
Bearitos Heinz
Ben & Jerry’s Organic Unilever
Boca Foods Kraft
Breadshop Heinz
Breyers Organic Unilever
Campbell’s Organic Campbell Soup
Casbah Heinz
Cascadian Farms General Mills
Celestial Seasonings Heinz
Dagoba Hershey
DeBole’s Heinz
DiGiorno Kraft
Dole Organic Dole
Dove Organic Mars
Earth’s Best Heinz
French Meadow Cargill/Heinz
Fruti di Bosco Heinz
Garden of Eatin’ Heinz
Gold Medal Organic General Mills
Green & Blacks Cadbury Schweppes
Health Valley Heinz
Heinz Organic Heinz
Henry Weinhard SAB Miller (UK)
Hershey Organic Hershey
Horizon Dean (Horizon Dairy)
Hunt’s Organic ConAgra
Imagine Heinz
Kashi Kellogg
Keebler Organic Kellogg
Kellogg’s Organic Kellogg
Kraft Organic Kraft
Lightlife ConAgra
Little Bear Heinz
Millina’s Finest Heinz
Morningstar Farms Kellogg
Mott’s Organic Cadbury Schweppes
Mountain Sun Heinz
Muir Glen General Mills
Nabisco Kraft
Naked Juice Pepsi
Nantucket Nectars Organic Cadbury Schweppes
Natural Touch Kellogg
Nature’s Farm Tyson
Nile Spice Heinz
Odwalla Coca-Cola
Orville Redenbacher’s Organic ConAgra
Pace Organic Campbell Soup
PAM Organic ConAgra
Planters Organic Kraft
PowerBar Pria Grain Essentials Nestle (Switzerland)
Prego Organic Campbell Soup
Ragu Organic Unilever
Rice Dream Heinz
Seeds of Change Mars
ShariAnn’s Heinz
Silk Dean (Horizon Dairy)
Soy Dream Heinz
Spectrum Organics Heinz
Stone Mill Anhueser-Busch
Swansons Organic Campbell Soup
The Organic Cow of Vermont Dean (Horizon Dairy)
TofuTown Heinz
Tostito’s Organic Pepsi
Tropicana Organic Pepsi
V8 Organic Campbell Soup
Walnut Acres Heinz
Westbrae Heinz
Westsoy Heinz
White Wave Dean (Horizon Dairy)
Wholesome & Hearty Kellogg
Wild Hop Anhueser-Busch

So about these above: In short, although they follow the letter of “organic” they certainly do not follow the spirit, which is primarily focused upon smaller, sustainable businesses that don’t damage our environment.

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