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Today’s Edibles

Today’s trek through the Helyar Woods and a few other places yielded a few fun culinary specimens.

A tiny Beefsteak Polypore. At this point I think that the literature needs updating. Beefsteaks seem to be naturalized in NJ.

Two good brackets of Chicken of the Woods. One in Helyar from a bigger cluster that was picked over by another mushroom hunter, another exceptionally young bracket from the log by Ryder’s Lane (much more grew, but sadly so did the poison ivy).

Lots of Meadow Mushrooms from a variety of places, including the largest specimen of the year so far.

In the next post I’ll have the inedibles and unidentifieds.


All above: Fistulina hepatica

All above: Laetiporus sulphureus

All above: Agaricus campestris

Meadow Mushrooms in Colonial Park

Yesterday we all decided to take a trip into Colonial Park to search for mushrooms, and we were pleased to find a large bloom of Agaricus campestris (Meadow Mushrooms) and assorted Lycoperdon (Spiky Puffballs). I’ll have some images of them up as soon as I sync my phone.