Current Research

I am currently working on the following projects and hobbies:

In Computer Science:

Raritan Valley Community College

I’m in charge of the Interactive Digital Media program over at RVCC. If you end up there doing Computer Science you’ll most likely bump into me teaching some of the following courses:

  • CISY102 – Computer Literacy
  • CISY114 – Interactive Multimedia I
  • CISY208 – Interface Design & Human-Computer Interaction (formerly Multimedia II)
  • CISY225 – Web Page Development I
  • CISY290 – Advanced Game Development & Design
  • CISY291 – Digital Media Programming (aka. “Multimedia III”)
  • CISY298 – Interactive Digital Media Capstone

In Aramaic Studies:

Aramaic Designs – Aramaic Translations

Aramaic translations for hire, as it were. I specialize in translations for tattoos, art pieces, and screenplays. However, now I’m only working on special projects. – Resurrected

Originally hosted a bunch of my work on the Aramaic under-layers of the New Testament. I’ve brought a lot of those articles back, have begun a translation of the New Testament *into* Galilean Aramaic, and am steadily opening up new classes and resources for the general public who support the site.




My latest endeavor is to better understand the field of Horology (clocks). I was bit by the bug after inheriting and repairing a pocket watch that belonged to an ancestor of mine (Julius Martin, the former captain of the Johnson & Johnson Raritan River Ferry), I am repairing and restoring all sorts of timepieces and documenting what I learn along the way.



Various Local Mycological Curiosities

Every year this blog becomes my mushroom journal, cataloging my hobby work in amateur mycology, specializing in varieties local to Central New Jersey. Click on any of the Mushroom links in the menu bar to learn more.

Old Stuff (Not Really Active):

“New Jersey Tea” (Ceanothus americanus)

An effort in “archeo-botany” to uncover and recreate how the New Jersey Tea plant was used as a tea substitute during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as explore how the plant could be made commercially viable. As of the spring of 2013 I have had 4 ceanothus specimens in my garden.

The Biblioblog Reference Library

After being taken down due to the changing rules of my webhost, I’m currently in the midst of re-organizing The Biblioblog Reference Library: A website that at it’s peak cataloged 15 gigabytes worth of biblioblog archives.

Translating the Mandean Book of John

Working with Dr. James McGrath of Butler University, Dr. Charles Häberl of Rutgers University and Dr. April DeConick of Rice University to translate the Drashia D-Iahia into English for the first time. Funded by a $130,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.


General interest in American coins with a focus on counterfeits and counterfeiting. On and off I’m posting my work on counterfeits over at The Black Cabinet. This was another endeavor inspired by a piece I inherited from my late grandfather, Frank DeMatteis. He was an avid numismatist, and was curious if one of the pieces he acquired was a counterfeit. In the few years after we lost him, I was also able to put that question to rest.

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