Stan Theory

I have a theory when it comes to predicting the “end of days” within Christian tradition. I believe that…

There is an Angel somewhere — we’ll call him “Stan” for convenience — who has a great scroll. Written upon that great scroll is the Calendar of the Universe with every day that was, and is, and has yet to be.

When someone down on earth says, “The world will end on this day!” The Lord turns and says,

“Stan, strike that day from the Great Calendar!”

And he does so.

When someone down on earth says, “The world will end soon!” The Lord turns and says,

“Stan, strike that year from the Great Calendar!”

When someone down on earth says, “The world will end in our lifetimes!” The Lord turns and says,

“Stan, strike that generation from the Great Calendar! No man nor son of man shall know when the End comes. It shall be like a thief in the night!”

Or that’s my theory. :-)


multipad cipher

Introducing the MultiPad Cipher

multipad cipher

I’ve always had a fascination with cryptography and the idea of an uncrackable cipher, so a few weeks ago I had a crazy idea for a variation of the One-Time Pad or Vernam Cipher (which you can read about here)  with a fun mobile-phone enabled twist.

Thus the MultiPad Cipher was born, which is a quick and easy way to encode a secret message in an arbitrary number of noise layers or “pads.” Each pad is represented by a QR Code which, when scanned by a mobile device, adds them together to eventually reveal the secret message.

The current proof-of-concept web app I’ve put together can generate pads for distribution to your friends, encode/decode messages with those pads, and can also “fragment” a pre-determined message into a number of parts (in case you need to keep a secret among more than one person where each party doesn’t know it on their own, or need a way to track a scavenger hunt, etc.).

Give it a shot. Tell me if you like it. Send me bug reports. :-)



The Monster Energy Drink is Satan Lady Interrupted a Muslim Prayer at the National Cathedral??


So… everyone has seen the video of the woman who claims (through some deplorable use of Hebrew script and numerals and other odd arguments) that Monster Energy Drinks are from Satan:

Has everyone seen the video of the woman who interrupted the Muslims invited to pray Jumu’ah at the National Cathedral?

The voice… the face… they’re the same person.

Who the heck is she??

UPDATE Nov 17th: The Raw Story has identified her as one Christine Weick. If she isn’t the Monster Energy Drink is Satan woman, she’s a dead ringer for her.