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Looks like the Caruso Family is going to be sheltering in place for a while due to the outbreak. Raritan Valley is extending Spring Break by an additional week, and during that time we Faculty are getting ready to teach classes online until April 10th.

As a result, to prevent going slightly mad, I’m going to be working on (well, continuing to work on) a number of projects in between recording lectures and grading. On the docket for future posts here include:

  • My growing aquaponics rig, and plans underway for building additional rigs out on our porch, and on top of the bumpout/den.
  • DEGAS 2.0 – Which I’m implementing in PixiJS with WebWorkers.
  • All of my new art I’m painting with DEGAS will be – appropriately – posted on my Art Blog.
  • Translations of various works in Neapolitan I’ve been messing about with.
  • Any fishing I manage to get done, if any (in remote areas where there are no other people around).

Stay tuned.


Quick Update

As I’m taking an extended Facebook break (no worries! no one caused it; I’m simply taking the research about social media and happiness to heart 🙂 ) I have decided that I will take up personal blogging again here and there. Since this blog syndicates everything I write directly to Facebook, all of my Facebook friends will be able to keep up with what I’m doing, too – and if anyone wants to comment, they’ll have to do so here.

And I’m doing quite a bit! I’ll go into more detail in subsequent posts, but in no particular order I am:

  • Finishing up my SIGGRAPH’18 poster on DEGAS before the conference, itself, in August.
  • Synthesizing rubies and sapphires in my basement using 1850s-era technology.
  • Trying to grow opal from waterglass and dirt.
  • Hunting for freshwater mussels in the Raritan River and its tributaries.

Stay tuned. 🙂


The Monster Energy Drink is Satan Lady Interrupted a Muslim Prayer at the National Cathedral??


So… everyone has seen the video of the woman who claims (through some deplorable use of Hebrew script and numerals and other odd arguments) that Monster Energy Drinks are from Satan:

Has everyone seen the video of the woman who interrupted the Muslims invited to pray Jumu’ah at the National Cathedral?

The voice… the face… they’re the same person.

Who the heck is she??

UPDATE Nov 17th: The Raw Story has identified her as one Christine Weick. If she isn’t the Monster Energy Drink is Satan woman, she’s a dead ringer for her.