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#02 Agaricus arvensis – Freaky!

Another Horse Mushroom, popped on the same day as Specimen 2010/10/19#01 but in a different spot several miles away.

All features except the crazy scaling on the cap match. Also A. arvensis (in my experience) tends to be rather picky in the rain/temperature conditions in which it’ll grow. Since they popped at the same time as the other specimen, that’s an indicator of their similarity.

The crazy scaling is probably due to the high wind / dry area in which they were growing (think of how a loaf of bread bakes in the oven, the crust hardening and then still soft dough bursting through it to form new crust).

Also, there is some possibility that this might be one of those fuzzy-areas between A. arvensis and A. macrosporus (which grows in conjunction with pines), as these specimens were found growing near oak trees (as you can see the acorns in the images).

Perhaps this is worth a bit more study.

August 26 ’07 – Lot 1

6 unidentified Agaricus?20070826130448_pict0003.jpg20070826130510_pict0004.jpg20070826130538_pict0005.jpg20070826130610_pict0007.jpg20070826130631_pict0008.jpg

Lot of 6 mushrooms found growing in mulch under cedars. The bases were infested with termites (which I found rather odd).

Cap on the largest specimen was 5 inches across. White with what appear to be very small warts (UPDATE: Was just dirt from transport.). Small smattering of light brown here and there. Slightly inrolled margin.

Gills are a pleasant light brown to slightly pinkish brown. Crowded and short, free from stem. Youngest specimen had gray-buff gills and partial veil.

Stem was about 4-5 inches long, white, very prominent floppy ring. Very slightly bulbous at the bottom. Some infested with termites.

Spores dark chocolate brown.

UPDATE: Upon visual comparison of both macro features (cogwheeling on the ring, slight yellow-staining on the cap in pic 5) and spores, this appears to be a specimen of Agaricus arvensis or Agaricus macrosporus.