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6lb Common Carp Catch

So back on Tuesday, my sister Liz was over and feeling down so I said, “What the hell, let’s go fishing!” so we went to Johnson Park – my usual spot for bluegill. It was cold, the fish weren’t biting. After about an hour – and trying nearly every lure in my box and a quarter loaf of bread – we had plenty of nibbles, but only caught one 3-4″ gill. It was a bit disheartening.

On the side I decided to bait a hook with a bread ball and throw on a large 1/4″ splitshot and let it sink to the bottom, hoping to go after a bigger bluegill. A couple casts and drops didn’t pull anything up, and in the normal way of things, I forgot about the rod.

Fast forward about 10 minutes: We get our second fish: Another puny 3-4″ bluegill, and before we’re able to get him off the hook and toss him back, we hear the drag on the forgotten rod start to squeal, and the rod start to work its way over the dock’s rail.

Something big was on it.

We strung the small gill up above the water and I grabbed the rod before we lost it and started reeling in… and if you were there you probably heard a panicked exchange somewhere along the lines of:

“Get the net!”
“Where’s the net?”
“In the cart!”
“I don’t see a net!”
“It’s the collapsed thingy!”
“The collapsed thingy?!”
“Take the rod!”
“Got it!”
“Don’t let it get away!”
“I’m trying!!”
“I’ve got the net!”
“Get it over here!”
“I’m trying!”
“Get it! Get it! Get it!”

etc.. 🙂

It kept pulling on the drag and trying to go under the dock, but by some miracle (the fish was 6 pounds – and the line was 4 pound test, and it fought the whole damn way) we managed to net it and bring it up onto the dock. It was too big for the bucket, and at nearly 23″ it was by far the largest freshwater fish either of us had ever caught.

It was a freaking Pokémon.


Eastern Mole

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a bunch of mole hills and mole trails all over the complex, but it wasn’t today until we found who was causing them.

As we were walking by the sidewalk with our daughters, my Other Half noticed that there were a mass of earthworms retreating from a section of the grass that was moving, and lo and behold, it was at the end of the freshest mole trail. Being the curious sort, we all decided to dig it out.

Madness ensued. 🙂

First we started digging where the trail ended, but the mole was a quick little booger and ran back down the way he came. Nayla then had a good idea and backtracked a good 20 feet and started walking up on top of the mole trail to flush him out and as she went about half way back, we noticed some more movement and went at it, digging.

Long story short, moles are incredible diggers.

We got to see him a few times, I even got to feel his fur (which was amazingly soft) but in the end, the mole managed to escape by burrowing under a concrete slab.

I have a feeling, though, that this will not be our last encounter. 🙂