The SToPP Watch

SToPP Watch Poster


This was inspired by stumbling upon a piece of Steampunk jewelry that incorporated a gorgeous Hamilton pocketwatch movement. Being curious I looked up the serial number and was shocked… That particular movement was a collector’s piece, one of only 600 made. In non-working, but intact, condition worth about $300, where in good, running condition it would be worth $500+. With rivets through it, it was made worthless… I wish I saved the photo. 🙁

In any case, I think that actually founding a group like SToPP Watch would be important, as most people within the current Steampunk movement haven’t a clue about timepieces outside of fantasy, and most traditionally trained horologists want nothing to do with it. As a hobby horologist, I think I might have found a fun niche.

Only time will tell.

Er… no pun intended.

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