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August 26 ‘07 – Lot 2

The bolete in question. Now who could you be?Staining blue20070826130821_pict0003.jpg20070826130850_pict0009.jpgButtons of the bolete.Two merged.Merged on the top.Sliced bolete cap.Sliced mature bolete cap.

These my wife and I came upon after we decided to stop mushrooming for the afternoon. Wow… They were huge.

A lot of 7 boletes found growing in the grass under an oak tree. There were hundreds of buttons still there. Two of the biggest, pictures above, grew into each other, merging their caps at the top.

Cap in largest specimens was nearly 9 inches wide. Pale reddish-brown (the buttons were more striking brick-red) and cracked revealing yellowish underneath. Dry. Buttons were somewhat convex/campanulate which expanded to flat. Tan flesh and nice and soft.

Pores are yellow, bruising dark green-blue that fades to brown.

Stem is a few inches tall and up to an inch thick. Surface doesn’t bruise any color, is rust-red on top and then cream on the bottom. Fleshy and tan, bruising bluer than the gills, but still green-blue. A bit of red staining at the base.

Spores olive, elliptical.