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Elgin 451 (#20325387)

Another eBay purchase for a mere $30. This is a ‘Lord Elgin’ branded pocket watch (Elgin’s higher-end gentlemans’ watch brand) built around 1918. 19 jewels, eight adjustments, gold train and gold jewel settings (and the jewels are deep red rubies). It’s really, really thin.

Again, this was a watch sold “for parts or repair” that was in perfect running shape, except for a tiny bit of patina on the damaskeening. It probably was another instance of a family watch’s case being scrapped for its gold value. I really need to get it a new one.


Waltham 220 (#18237826)

Serial #18237826. 15 jewels. Made in 1912. I *think* it has a gold mainwheel.

Nabbed it off eBay for $17, and the description said it was broken.

In truth, it seems to have fallen victim to having its case scrapped for gold value, and the roller had simply jumped the pallet fork (a 5 minute fix).

It was in perfect shape otherwise. I mean besides a smidge of corrosion on one of the jewel settings, it’s almost brand new. Not bad for a 101 year old watch. 🙂

(I need to get some better pictures to really show it off.)


Hamilton 916 #3129232 – Julius Martin’s Watch

Serial #3129232. 17 jewels. Adjusted to 3 positions. Made in 1923.

This watch belonged to my ancestor, Julius Christian Martin.

It’s now my personal timepiece on a fob I made out of some old cuckoo clock chain and a fine silver drop that used to be on a necklace I made for my wife that she wore for several years. It’s not particularly rare or worth much, but it has a lot of sentimental value (and is often more reliable than my iPhone).

More on this later. 🙂