Ceanothus x4

Well, today at the Rutgers Farm Market I cleared out the rest of the Ceanothus x pallidus “Marie Simon” that they had, so now I have a total of 4 Jersey Tea plants ready to be given new homes and to propagate through cuttings.

Next week they said that he’ll have another Ceanothus x pallidus with blue flowers (which I assume with either be “Grace” or “Minmari”), and then after that I’m going to see about obtaining some “plain old” Ceanothus americanus (or seed if necessary) and see how they all interbreed.

In the meantime, with the Marie Simon, whichever blue-flowered variety and the snowy-white “plain” C. americanus, I’ll have red white and blue.

Not a bad start to work on a variety to revive a patriotic tea. 🙂


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